LANTIME Firmware Updates

Meinberg Security Advisory
NTP, OpenSSL and GLIBC Vulnerabilities. Please see our Meinberg Security Advisory Page for descriptions and detailed information about the published NTP, OpenSSL and GLIBC Vulnerabilities.

Leap Second 2016: Important Information for Meinberg Customers

Available firmware updates will be provided by mail normally.
To check if an update is available for your device, please send us the serial number of the LANTIME unit.

You can find the serial number:
  1. on a silver barcode sticker on the rear side of the device.
  2. on the display, if you press the button "NEXT" once.
  3. on the main page of the HTTP interface (on older LANTIMES on the statistic page).

The serial number is 12 digits long and starts with 0314, 0307, 0301, 0208 or 0207.

Serial Number
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