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IMS - Intelligent Modular Synchronization

IMS - Intelligent Modular Synchronization

Our IMS Series (Intelligent Modular Synchronization) offers built-in redundancy for synchronization sources, power supplies and cooling in combination with highly modular slot based chassis, which supports hot-swapping and field-expansion capabilities.

The design of our IMS enclosures allows to use up to four power supplies (both AC and DC variants can be mixed and matched), two time code receivers in combination with a signal switch module, a CPU board and up to ten I/O slots.

Intelligent Modular Synchronization Products

Network Time Server

NTP Time Server

Meinberg LANTIME Time Servers will synchronize all NTP or SNTP compatible systems and utilize a Meinberg Timing Reference as the precision time source. A highly stable internal oscillator bridges periods of interference or temporary loss of synchronization with minimal loss of accuracy. Models are available in DIN railmount, and 1U and 3U desktop or rackmount chassis which can include displays, broadcast reference time sources, precision internal oscillators, and multiple Ethernet ports, frequency, or pulse outputs.

NTP Time Server Product Page

PCI/PCIe and USB Clocks

Bus Level Devices

Meinberg reference clocks can be used to build your own time server or to upgrade an existing system. All Meinberg GPS, WWVB, MSF, DCF77 and IRIG clocks with a serial or USB interface can also be used with NTP as a highly accurate hardware clock. They are all compatible with the NTP reference implementation, which includes Meinberg clock drivers supporting all our products on the most popular operating systems.
Bus Level Timing at a Glance

IEEE-1588 (PTPv2)

PTP Grandmaster and Slave Clocks

High precision Time Synchronisation
The IEEE 1588 protocol can achieve a much higher accuracy between a master and a slave by hardware timestamping at both ends, and by the intermediate active network infrastructure components (switches).

IEEE-1588 Master- and Slave Clocks

Customized Systems

Customized Time Synchronization

Versatile Time Signal Receiver and Distribution Systems designed for communications and network applications

- Modular Architecture
- Plug & Play Modules with LED status indicators
- Built-In Redundancy (power supplies and input/reference signal)
- Monitor and Alarm Systems
- Multiple Output Capabilities
- Fiber optic technology
- Many Chassis Configurations available

MEINBERG Modular Systems

GPS/GLONASS Satellite Receiver

GPS/GLONASS Time Refrence in Railmount housing

Time Signal Receiver in Railmount Chassis
This satellite receivers are assembled in an aluminium profile case for 35mm DIN mounting rail. The integrated power supply is available as AC or DC variants. Additional features of the modules are DC-isolated programmable pulse outputs, RS232 interfaces and DCF77 simulation.
GPS Satellite Receivers

NTP Network Displays

NTP Network Displays

The MEINBERG NTP displays are maintenance-free network time displays, they are synchronized by a NTP time server over a standard Ethernet TCP/IP connection. LED Wall Display with a clear and good readable 50mm sized dot-matrix characters, synchronized over a network connection by an NTP server. A LANTIME time server can be configured to display error messages on an Display unit.
LED-/NTP Displays

Diplexer and Converter

Signal Diplexer and Converter

Meinberg signal distribution units (SDU) are the simplest and most convenient way to add more buffered timing signal outputs to your distribution rack. The SDU base chassis can be ordered with one or two distribution modules, each providing twelve additional IRIG AM, DCLS, or fiber optic signals.
Diplexer and Converter

GNSS- and Antennas for 40/60 kHz reception

Time Signal Distribution

GPS antennas / converters, GPS/GLONASS L1 antennas and antennas for long wave reception (DCF77, MSF, WWVB...). Extensive accessories such as antenna distributors, antenna amplifiers and pre-configured antenna cables.

Antennas, Signal Distribution and Accessories

Time and Frequency: Accessories

Time and Frequency: Accessories

We provide accessories and expansion options for our systems. If you have special demands on your time and frequency solution that you could not find on our product pages, then contact our sales department.

Our staff will be happy to help you and make you an offer at any time.

More about Accessories and Extensions

IRIG Time Code Receivers and Generators

IRIG Time Code Receivers and Generators

IRIG Time Code Receivers and Generators