NTP Time Server Monitor

The NTP Time Server Monitor, available for the operating systems Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003, Server 2008/Vista/7/8, allows the user to configure and control the local NTP service with a userfriendly graphical user interface. Secondary the current status of the local NTP service, as well as external NTP services, can be displayed.

NTP Time Server Monitor for Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003, Server 2008/Vista/7/8

Software ntp-time-server-monitor-1.04.exe
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The 1.0 package is the first stable release, It is a self-extracting exe file for Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista, including a GUI setup program,

*Please note: This version should not be used in production without intensive testing*

Description of the NTP Time Server Monitor

The NTP Time Server Monitor software is able to control and overwatch the NTP service for Windows with a userfriendly GUI. Additionally it eases the handling with the NTP service.

Here is a small list of the abilities and features this tool offers:

  • Switch easily between different configurations (ntp.conf files). This is perfectly usable if different configuration must be tested or to switch between testing and operating mode.

  • Change the service settings without the need to open the device manager each time.

  • Extract the NTP related application log entries and display them separately in a table. The user can filter the entries by categories.

  • Display the current status of the running NTP service. In fact it is a graphical output of the command "ntpq -p". Additionally the current offset, stratum value and the selected synchronization source is displayed in a status string. The status is automatically refreshed. The user can select the refresh interval.

  • The user can configure external NTP server, which are also queried by the NTP Time Server Monitor and the status is also displayed.

  • The configuration file of the ntp service (ntp.conf) can be edited within this program. So it is no longer necessary to search for the right file in the possible locations within the Windows or NTP directory. If changes are made the program is asking if the service shall be restarted.

  • The NTP Time Server Monitor is able to read the system variables and association vars of the service and displays them in a textbox for analyzing.

  • Statistic: The generated loopstats files can be shown in a graphical component. The period of logging, the number of entries, the start and stop time and the minimum and maximum values of the offset and frequency are extracted and displayed. If required the generated statistic can be exported as a bitmap.

  • The program can be minimized to the tray icon bar of Windows. A tooltip shows the current status (source, offset, stratum), if the mouse is pointing over the Meinberg logo.

  • A configuration panel let the user control the NTP Time Server Monitor. For example: Polling interval of the NTP status, DNS lookups, external NTP server, logfiles locations.



Service page

Time Server Monitor
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Status page

Time Server Monitor
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Statistic page

Time Server Monitor
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Changelog of the NTP Time Server Monitor

Version: 1.04
Date: 2008-12-22
  • Fix: Memory-Leak when service page active.
  • Fix: Statistic: Merged statistic did not displayed correctly if one loopstat file contains only a single entry.
Version: 1.03
Date: 2008-04-21
  • Bug: Statistic: Only the first 2000 entries of a file were displayed graphically.
  • Bug: The Monitor was not running under Windows NT anymore.
Version: 1.02
Date: 2008-03-28
  • Bug: Fixed wrong date format on event log page.
Version: 1.01
Date: 2008-03-07
  • New: Add support for Windows Vista.
  • New: Monitor now works also without local NTP service installed.
Version: 1.0
Date: 2007-08-20
  • Bug: NTP Status: random access violation fixed.
  • Bug: NTP Monlist: random access violation fixed.
  • Bug: NTP Debug information:random access violation fixed.
  • Bug: NTP Service:restart of NTP Service failed.
  • Bug: start of program could fail with error message "ntpsvcio.dll not found".
Version: 0.9n
Date: 2006-12-12
  • Bug: Advanced Statistic: Only the first 20 recorded samples were displayed graphically.
  • Bug: Advanced Statistic: Values lower than 64 seconds caused an error message.
  • Bug: NTP Debug information: Refresh of peer values are not working correctly, if a row was selected.
Version: 0.9m
Date: 2006-11-13
  • New: NTP Debug information: All configured Server are available over tab control now.
  • New: NTP Monlist: All configured Server are available over tab control now.
  • New: Add Cut/Copy/Paste menue over standard keys (ctrl-x, ctrl-c, ctrl-v).
  • New: Status: Add/remove peers of a selected server to the status tab by using the right mouse button
  • Bug: Auto update not working correctly. No file downloaded.
  • Bug: Monitor not running under Windows 2003 Server.
  • Bug: Monitor not running correctly under restricted rights.
  • Bug: NTP Debug: Exeption occured when refreshing the table information.
Version: 0.9l
Date: 2006-10-19
  • New: NTP Debug information: The information is splitted into tables and seperated by host names now.
  • Bug: Statistic: Changing frequency axis has also interfere the offset axis.
  • New: Improve notification module.
  • Bug: Config generator: MINPOLL/MAXPOLL keywords changed from uppercase to lowercase
  • New: A lot of minor changes.
  • New: Add/Remove server on status page available via popup menu.
Version: 0.9k
Date: 2006-01-25
  • Bug: Some minor bugs fixed in advanced statistics.
  • Bug: Online-update: The cancel button only worked during a download not while checking for a new version.
  • New: First version of the notification module included. This allowed notification on different triggers over SNMP, Email and Syslog.
  • New: More precisely error messages included.
  • New: Statistic: Manually changing of the frequency scaling included.
  • New: The NTP related event log entries can be searched by keywords.
Version: 0.9j
Date: 2005-12-21
  • Bug: Statistic: View File: Function still failed. Temp files are now generated in the users temp folder.
  • Bug: NTP config generator: Typo in generated statistic section fixed (statistics instead of statistic).
  • Bug: Help-Files: The numeration of available pool servers must start with 0 instead of 1.
  • Bug: Statistic: Only loopstats and peerstats files are displayed by now.
  • New: Auto-Update: Monitor can check if a new version is available and download them if designated.
Version: 0.9i
Date: 2005-12-13
  • Bug: Statistic: Same path could be saved several times.
  • Bug: Statistic: View File: Function failed on read-only drives.
  • Bug: Statistic: Spaces were wrongly deleted from statistic path while saving.
  • Bug: Advanced Statistic: Delay values couldn´t be logged alone.
  • Bug: Config generator: Help file for the authentication part was miss-pointed.
  • New: Statistic: Longterm statistic enabled. Multiple files could be selected by using the shift-key. New directory picker added (no more Win 3.1 look & feel)
  • New: Statistic: Rudimental support for peerstats files added.
  • New: Service settings: New switch added for setting the windows multimedia timer to the highest resolution (Only available if supported by the installed NTP service).
Version: 0.9h
Date: 2005-11-15
  • New: Local DNS cache for a faster resolving of hostnames added.
  • New: Advanced Statistic: Selected peer, stratum, delay and polling interval can be logged.
  • New: NTP service overwatch and restart option.
  • New: NTP Monlist included: The Monlist of each configured server can be viewed from the status page.
  • Bug-Fixes: Some minor bugs fixed regarding the handling of the NTP Time Server Monitor.
Version: 0.9g
Date: 2005-11-03
  • Fixed bug: High cpu load on some pages.
  • The running NTP version of the currently selected NTP server is displayed on the status page.
  • Event-Log added.
Version: 0.9f
Date: 2005-11-01
  • Fixed bug: The jitter information is not displayed if querying an old NTP v3 service.
  • Fixed bug: If the selected server on the status page is not localhost during start-up the NTP version of that remote server is displayed on the NTP service page instead the version of the local NTP.
  • Fixed Bug: If the NTP service was restarted using the Windows service manager the tray symbol and tool-tip wasn´t updated anymore.
  • Fixed bug: If the currently selected server on the status page is deleted over the configuration panel the information on the status page is not updated correctly.
  • A DNS-Lookup is now also performed with the Refid-field on the status page, if the value is an ip-address.
  • First Version of the NTP configuaration file (ntp.conf) generator included.
Version: 0.9e
Date: 2005-10-17
  • Fixed bug: If saving a new service configuration over the Service Settings option the new generated ImagePath could be saved wrong. Therefor the service couldn´t be started anymore.
  • Fixed bug: The TooTip was not shown correctly under Windows 2000, if the hostname of the currently selected NTP server was too long. Now the appropriate IP-address is shown instead, if the name of the host exceed a certain length.
  • Fixed bug: The TrayIcon-Symbol wasn´t deleted directly if the program was closed.
  • Fixed bug: On the statistic page the selected range of offset and frequency was displayed wrongly as min and max values.
  • If changing the server on the status page it was possible that it can take about one status polling interval till the new server was polled. Now the polling will be activated as soon as the server is switched.
  • Added different TrayIcon symbols to reflect different possible status of the NTP service.
  • Statistic: Auto-calculation of axis range enhanced.
  • Usage of the Windows system fonts instead of application own font now configurable.
Version: 0.9d
Date: 2005-10-04
  • NTP related Log entries can be exported as textfile.
  • Content of event log table now scroll directly if slider is moved.
  • All possible tally codes can be assigned with an own color on the status page.
  • Change standard color settings of status page and event log page.
  • Change font settings to use Windows based system fonts.
  • Fixed bug on status page: Application crashed on some computers, if coloring mode was enabled.
  • Fixed bug in installation routine: Previous installation location is read from registry now.
  • Fixed bug in installation routine: Configuration will not be overwritten anymore.
Version: 0.9c
Date: 2005-09-28
  • Fixed a Bug under Windows NT: Function QueryServiceConfig2 was missing in advapi32.dll.
Version: 0.9b
Datum: 2005-09-12
  • Initial revision released.


License Text

Meinberg Radio Clocks
NTP Time Server Monitor for Windows

Copyright (c) 2005-2012, Meinberg Radio Clocks,
Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Permission to use, copy, and distribute this program for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted,
provided that this copyright notice appears in all copies and that the copyright notice
appear in supporting documentation, and that the name Meinberg Radio Clocks
not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of the software without specific,
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