News from 2007-04-23

The World's First NTP-synchronized Nixie Tube Clock

NTP Nixie Tube
The World's First Nixie Tube Clock which is synchronized by an (S)NTP Time Server

Fans of Nixie Tubes love Nixie Tube Clocks, because they are a perfect way of presenting these Fifties and Sixties style display elements in a decorative way.

Quite a number of different variants and models exist, most of them home-made by enthusiasts. Even radio clock controlled versions are available, either with DCF77 or GPS receivers to automatically maintain an accurate time base for these beauties. Now Meinberg added a new variant: The World's First NTP Synchronized Nixie Tube Clock!

Please note that this Nixie clock is not for sale. It was a trainee project with an availaible Nixie clock kit synchronized by NTP.

A tiny module designed by Meinberg uses the SNTP protocol to query any SNTP/NTP compliant time server (such as the Meinberg LANTIME NTP Time Server) for the current time, which is then displayed using the nixie tubes.

The Meinberg NTP-to-DCF module connects to an NTP time server over the network and generates DCF77 compatible time marks which can be used to synchronize any system which expects DCF77 marks. This module has already been deployed in several customer projects and provides a modern solution to applications that need time synchronization NTP but only have a DCF input available.

The World's First Nixie Tube Clock will be used as a nice-looking cool gadget in the conference room of Meinberg's new building after it has been installed in a handmade housing.