News from 2013-02-15

Experience Meinberg's Website in a New and Improved Way

Meinberg's website is offering a fresh design and user-friendly navigation after a successful testing phase.

Bad Pyrmont, February 15, 2013 - Meinberg Radio Clocks, a leading manufacturer of time and frequency synchronization equipment, announces the end of the relaunched website's testing period. The redesigned Meinberg website offers a new way of obtaining information about Meinberg products and services.

The testing phase allowed Meinberg to incorporate customer feedback and further features into the website. Altogether Meinberg's website has been redesigned with the following elements, to allow the user to quickly find the contents needed:

  • Easy-to-use navigation (even if java script is off)
  • Products are sorted into product groups
  • New product overview: "Products from A-Z"
  • Optimized request forms (still only the fields "Name" and "E-mail Address" are mandatory fields, all other fields are optional)
  • LANTIME Models of each LANTIME Type are now summarized on one site
  • New overview with industry solutions and specific product information
  • New and updated info material
  • Optimized site search options

Meinberg's website is now divided into two domains, for English pages and for German pages. Although the website is divided into two domains, it is still possible to switch the language by selecting the "flag" at the right upper corner of the page.


New Meinberg Web Page 2013 Information, technical Specifications, Product Pictures and Download Ressource tidy displayed in Info Box Optional selectable fields and Check Boxes in the Inquiry Form Our Models which are no longer available are sorted into the Product Archive to guarantee a continued support for Out of Range
Top Navigation - Access from all Sides on the most important Topics Alphabetical Product Overview - Known Devices can be found quickly Previous Models are displayed in the Product Feature Box

For Meinberg Radio Clocks it is important that the website visitors find the needed information in a quick and convenient way. Meinberg's objective is complete customer satisfaction with its products and services.

About Meinberg Radio Clocks

Meinberg Radio Clocks is a successful high technology company offering network time synchronization solutions and a broad spectrum of GPS/GLONASS receivers, DCF77 (PZF), WWVB and MSF radio clocks, bus-level timing cards, and associated accessories. All products offered by Meinberg Radio Clocks are developed and manufactured in their plant located in Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

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